International House Shifting Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide

Moving houses is never a walk in the park, and when you add an international twist to it, the complexity increases exponentially. If you're gearing up for an international move, you need more than just a few boxes and some helping hands. This comprehensive guide will take you through the essential steps, ensuring your international house shift is smooth and stress-free.


Understanding the Importance of a Moving Timeline

Why Start Early Matters

Moving internationally isn't a spur-of-the-moment decision. Learn why having a well-thought-out moving timeline is crucial to the success of your relocation.


Choosing Your Moving Strategy

Packing and Moving Options

Evaluate whether you should pack and move yourself, hire professionals, or opt for a hybrid approach. Answer key questions to determine the best strategy for your specific situation.


Getting in Touch with Your Inner Marie Kondo

Before calling the movers, go on a decluttering journey inspired by Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant and author known for her KonMari method, which involves decluttering and organizing by keeping only items that "spark joy" in your life. Streamline your belongings and make informed decisions on what to keep, discard, sell, or recycle.


Selecting the Right Moving Partner

Researching Moving Companies

Find the right moving company by asking essential questions, from pricing details to their commitment to safety standards. Virtual walk-throughs and on-site estimates are both options worth exploring. With a global network, KIM International Movers we can facilitate moves to various destinations, ensuring a smooth transition regardless of your final destination.


Scheduling Transportation

For a do-it-yourself move, make sure you rent the right-sized truck well in advance, especially if your move coincides with the busy summer season. The organization is key, so trust in a reliable platform to securely manage all your moving-related information.


Preparing for the Big Move: 6 Weeks Out

Identifying Helpful Apps

Discover apps that will make your move more manageable, from packing checklists to platforms for selling items you no longer need.


Conducting a Home Inventory

Create a detailed inventory of your possessions, including estimated values. Consider making a video for additional documentation.


Requesting Records

Ensure a seamless transition by obtaining records from schools, doctors, and veterinarians. Trustworthy platforms can simplify the process.


Listing Institutions to Notify of Address Change

Compile a list of organizations to notify about your change of address, ranging from your employer to utility providers.


Countdown to Moving Day: 4 Weeks Left

Commencing Packing

Start packing non-essentials and items you won't need in the weeks leading up to the move.


Familiarizing Yourself with the New Neighborhood

Learn your new surroundings by researching local amenities and services, from doctors to gyms.


Scheduling Professional Services

Book appointments for essential services like electricians and plumbers, ensuring your new home is ready for your arrival.


The Final Stretch: 2 Weeks Before Moving

Taking Time Off Work

Request time off to focus on the move, ensuring a smooth transition.


Preparing Your Vehicle

If driving to your new location, have your vehicle checked for the journey ahead.


Making Travel Arrangements

For long-distance moves or international travel, plan your journey meticulously.


Address Change Formalities

Officially notify organizations of your new address, keeping it hassle-free with a pre-prepared list.


Measuring and Planning for the New Space

Gather measurements for your new home to plan furniture placement and label moving boxes effectively.


Setting Up Utilities

Ensure a seamless transition by transferring or closing utility accounts at your current address.


The Week of the Big Move

Backing Up Important Documents

Secure sensitive documents by uploading copies to a trustworthy platform.


Packing Essentials

Pack suitcases with necessities, providing a buffer for the first few days in your new home.


Preparing Appliances

Prepare appliances like refrigerators for the move, considering safety and logistics.


Refilling Prescriptions

Avoid disruptions in your healthcare routine by ensuring an adequate supply of medications.


Cancellation of Memberships

Formally end agreements with local services you won't be using in your new location.


Utility Setup at the New Home

Transfer or establish utility accounts at your new address for a smooth transition.


D-Day: Moving Day

Early Start and Adequate Planning

Begin early, especially if you're handling parts of the move yourself—plan for unexpected delays.


Clearing the Path

Ensure a hassle-free loading process by clearing the path between your home and the moving truck.


Verifying Movers

Prevent scams by confirming the moving company's credentials upon their arrival.


Final Walk-Through

Check for forgotten items and ensure your home is ready for the next occupants.


Protecting Valuables

Handle sensitive documents and valuables personally during the move.


Reviewing Moving Paperwork

Before signing off on the movers' bill of lading, carefully inspect and ensure accuracy.


Testing Home Safety Features

Ensure your new home's safety features are operational before settling in.


Post-Move Checklist

Inspecting Belongings

Check for damages and report any issues promptly to the moving company.


Pharmacy and School Formalities

Transfer prescriptions and school records to your new local providers.


Connecting with Neighbors

Extend a friendly gesture by introducing yourself to your new neighbors.


Taking a Breath: Relax and Enjoy

Moving is a significant endeavor. Give yourself time to settle into your new environment before diving into unpacking.



In conclusion, international house shifting requires meticulous planning and execution. Following this step-by-step guide will not only make your move manageable but also pave the way for a smoother transition into your new home. When entrusting your international move to professionals, make KIM International Movers your first choice for a reliable and stress-free relocation experience.

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