International Moving Logistics: Shipping, Storage, and Getting Settled

Moving to a new country is a big deal, and it can be quite a challenge if you're not prepared. One thing you'll definitely need is a place to store your stuff, and we're here to tell you why that's important and how we at KIM International Movers can make your life easier. When you're planning to relocate to a new country, it's essential to have a well-organized strategy to ensure a smooth transition. Whether it's helping you ship your belongings, deal with storage, or 

move into your new home, we at Kim International Movers can help you.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 

  • Preparing for Your International Move

  • Pre-Move Checklist

  • International Moving Day Planning

  • Post-International Move

  • Conclusion 

  • FAQ

Preparing for Your International Move


Engage a Relocation Consultant: Your journey begins by contacting a Relocation Consultant, your primary point of contact. They will understand your priorities and concerns, create an inventory of items to be moved, and provide guidance on the entire relocation process.


Safeguarding Your Belongings: Before your move, it's crucial to ensure your belongings are protected and insured. Our experienced moving consultants can guide you through the best protection programs, giving you peace of mind during the pre-planning stage.


Choosing the Right Shipping Option: Your Move Consultant will help you select the most suitable shipping option. Options include sea freight, airfreight, or even road transport in some cases. This choice depends on the size of your shipment, your timeline, and your destination.

Available Freight Options:


Sea Freight: A cost-effective choice for larger shipments with regularly scheduled services worldwide.

Full Container Load (FCL): A faster custom clearance process with direct loading and unloading at your residence (where local regulations allow).

Less than Container Load (LCL): Ideal for smaller shipments, loaded into wooden crates and steel-banded, with a similar transit time to FCL.

Groupage: Suited for non-time-sensitive shipments, with costs shared proportionately among shippers.

Airfreight: Perfect for small or urgent shipments, offering the fastest transit times. We'll recommend options that align with your priorities and guarantee safe delivery.


Caring for Your Pets: Relocating can be stressful for your furry companions. Each country has its procedures for moving animals across borders. Your Kim International Movers' Relocation Consultant can connect you with a qualified pet relocation specialist to ensure a smooth transition for your pets.


Vehicle Transportation: If you wish to bring your vehicle along, wecan handle the transportation of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles professionally and securely, ensuring they are expertly packed and protected for the journey.


Arranging Cleaning & Maintenance: Leaving your current space in pristine condition is crucial to securing your rental deposit. We can assist in coordinating with professional cleaning or handyman services to address cosmetic and utility issues at both your current and new locations.


Utilizing Relocation Services: As you prepare for your move, consider various loose ends that might need attention. Kim International Movers can assist with advising on additional services, such as Visa and Immigration Services, Temporary Accommodation, and more, through our network of specialists.


Your Personal Move Team: Your Move Consultant will introduce you to your Move Coordinator, your primary contact throughout the move. They will assist in planning major aspects of your move, creating a personalized schedule, assisting with necessary documents, and addressing any questions or concerns.


Pre-Move Checklist


8-12 Weeks Before Schedule a pre-move survey, notify your children's school or kindergarten, create a file for essential documents, determine tax requirements, and more.


6 Weeks Before Re-establish contact with healthcare professionals at your destination, plan for your pets' transportation, and complete change-of-address notifications.


4 Weeks Before Hosting a moving sale, clean out closets and storage areas, inform utility services of your move, and more.


3 Weeks Before: Prepare an "essential survival kit" for your destination when using airfreight, consider fumigation for selected items and arrange for professional handling or servicing of specialty items.


2 Weeks Before: Collect your children's school records, arrange to disconnect essential services, copy important documents, and apply for a Post Mail Redirection Service.


International Moving Day Planning


Preparing Your Space for International Moving Day: Your Crew Supervisor will inventory your household items and provide instructions for the moving crew, ensuring that items are handled with care.


Packing Inventory: As our crew seals and labels the boxes, you'll receive an inventory list with concise descriptions of each carton's contents, separated by room to streamline the loading and unloading process.


International Moving Day Checklist: Ensure a smooth move by performing a final inspection, locking doors and windows, and keeping important documents and valuables with you.


Post-International Move


Track Your Shipment: 

Navigating Customs Clearance: Customs clearance involves an inspection of your inventory to ensure compliance with local regulations. Kim International Movers works closely with customs offices to ensure your documentation is in order and expedite the customs process.


Delivering Your Belongings: After customs clearance formalities are complete, your Import Coordinator will ensure the swift delivery of your possessions to your new home, with our crew at your destination assisting with unloading and unpacking.


Arranging Further Storage: If you find that not all of your items will fit in your new home, KIM International Movers will work closely with its large network of reputed agents to provide  secure storage solutions 

Post-International Moving Day Checklist


Verify that all home utilities are functioning, inspect delivered boxes, ensure your new home is childproof, and start the unpacking process at your own pace.


Make sure your family is well-prepared for healthcare, transportation, and education at your new location.


Explore your new hometown to avoid relocation depression and embrace your surroundings.


Leave a review about your international moving experience helping prospective movers find the right company.




By following the guidance and checklists provided in this international moving guide, you can ensure a smooth, well-organized, and seamless international move If you have more questions or require further assistance, feel free to contact us to start the international moving process with one of our experienced move consultants.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I choose the right shipping option for my international move?


Your Move Consultant will assist you in selecting the most suitable shipping option based on the size of your shipment, your timeline, and your destination. Options include sea freight, air freight, and more.


What should I do if I have high-value items to move?


Identify these items early in the planning process and have them appraised. Your Move Consultant can provide guidance on the best way to protect and transport high-value possessions.

What should I expect during the customs clearance process for my international move?


Customs clearance involves an inspection of your inventory to ensure compliance with local regulations. Restricted items, such as certain foods, plants, or weapons, may require special documentation or may not be allowed.


Do I need additional storage for my belongings during or after the international move?


If you find that not all of your items will fit in your new home, Kim International Movers offers secure storage solutions to meet your needs. Wooden storage vaults in various sizes are available.


How can I ensure a smooth transition for my pets during an international move?


International moves can be stressful for pets. OurRelocation Consultant can connect you with a qualified pet relocation specialist who will ensure all necessary procedures are followed to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Is it necessary to childproof my new home after an international move?


It's a good idea to childproof your new home, especially if you have small children. Ensure potential hazards are addressed to create a safe environment for your children to play and grow.


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