Local Home Removals

Local Home Removals

Local Home Removals

Whether it is across the road or across the Kingdom, moving anywhere is a big deal. And it becomes an even bigger deal when it all needs to be done in a very short span of time. So, it’s no secret that from the first box packed to the last broken down, if you’re not organized, things can quickly get out of hand. That’s why experience really matters. We know because we move people locally every day.

To make it simpler for the client KIM International Movers offers a few options for local moving services like full-service moving, self-service moving, and speciality moving.

As KIM International Movers, we recommend a full-service moving as the most comprehensive option for you and your loved ones for a stress-free relocation. Everything from packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking of household goods to setting up your new home, we stand by to make it easier. Movers will also handle the disassembly and reassembly of large items such as furniture. This option is ideal for those who do not have the time or ability to handle the move themselves.

The option of self-service moving is a more hands-on option for the DIYs among you. The individual is responsible for packing and loading their household goods onto our truck. We will then transport, unload, and unpack the goods. This option is ideal for those who are able to handle the physical aspects of the move but need assistance with transportation, unloading and unpacking.

Speciality moving services are for specific items such as pianos, fine art, and antiques that require specialized handling and transportation. We are adept at moving such items

Some key areas that make the difference:

Relocation Security

At KIM International Movers, we understand the stress that comes with moving., As the “Keen” Movers our experienced team of professional packers, office staff, and management are dedicated to making your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Whether you're relocating your home or office, we give each move the individual attention it deserves. Our goal is to provide you with a delightful moving experience, all while keeping your budget and schedule in mind Trust us to handle all your moving needs.

 Materials & Crating

At KIM International Movers, we understand the importance of using the best packing materials to ensure the safety of your valuable and fragile belongings during transit. Some of our "sustainable" packing material is sourced by our affiliate M/s Moteen Al Ekhtisas Trading Est." who deal with some of the most reputed brands. As KIM we prioritize the use of wooden crating for all of our packing needs. These crates offer superior protection against shocks and dents, making them the ideal choice for air, ship, and road transportation. Our team of experts carefully selects the appropriate type of wooden crate for your specific goods, whether it be a box with a lid, without a lid, or a foldable option. Trust us to keep your belongings secure every step of the way. This clear understanding of how your precious and valuable cargo needs to be packed and created is what makes us the “Insightful “Movers.

Packing & Unpacking

At KIM International Movers, we understand that the safety of your belongings during a move is of the utmost importance. Our quality packing material ensure that your items are protected throughout the entire relocation process. We use a variety of materials such as sturdy cardboard, corrugated board, newsprint, foam, high-grade packing tape and desiccants to pack your shipment. We also take care to fill any empty spaces with padding to keep your valuables in place and limit movement during transport.

When it comes to fragile items, we handle them with special care to prevent damage. We use extra padding to protect them from bumps and jostling that can occur during the shipping process. Additionally, we label all fragile packages prominently to ensure that they are handled with caution by anyone who comes into contact with them.

We also understand the importance of keeping your packages together during storage. We consolidate them by placing them on pallets and securing them with bands, shrink-wrap, or stretch wrap. This not only adds an extra layer of protection but also ensures that your packages stay organized for loading into a container or delivery/unpacking. Trust us as the “Mindful” Movers to handle all your moving needs with the care and attention they deserve.