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Storage & Warehousing

At KIM International Movers, we have realized that “Moving” involves innumerable hassles and running around. There are so many responsibilities which you have to consider, that it can become incredibly difficult for you to prioritize and decide which of them require your foremost attention, which is why we provide you secure storage facilities while you settle in at your pace.

Moving = A new place = new challenges. Understanding and adhering to the visa and immigration rules of the land, getting adjusted to your new surroundings, dealing with temporary sleeping arrangements or staying in an office accommodation. Or still deciding upon where you can make your home for good.

Our empathetic approach based on what we understand to be your requirements at a certain juncture would ensure that you do not need to worry about the safety of your goods while they are stored with us. We, offer you a variety of storage services, including home and commercial secure storage solutions tailored specifically to your needs. You can store all your possessions and baggage with us, while you go about attending to your other responsibilities.

We offer suitable storage or warehousing facilities, keeping in mind the type of your goods that need to be stored, the length of time they will be stored, adhering to all safety and quality regulations.